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Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Beginning can be hard. Starting over, starting fresh, starting something completely new and different and strange. I suppose the best way to do it is just to do it, to begin, and the rest will fall into place right?

So, to begin, a welcome and an introduction. Welcome! Welcome to this space, which will hopefully be a safe and open and honest one. This is a space to cultivate a practice: a practice of writing, of creativity, of vulnerability, of learning. I will write about my life. The way I experience the world day to day, my journey through academia, my constantly evolving relationship with nature, my blunders and my successes. If nothing else, this will be a space where I can look back and remember where I was at this time in my life..

And who am I? I am a woman, a student, a cat mom, a partner and sister and daughter, a person who is happiest and most content in the outdoors sleeping in a tent or moving around on two feet or two wheels. I'm a Colorado transplant who came to love nature by cultivating a relationship with the rich deciduous forests, prairies, wetlands, and agricultural fields of the upper Midwest. These days you're more likely to find me in the mountains or foothills outside of Denver, where the air is thinner and drier and the landscapes bigger and rockier, but no more or less beautiful and meaningful than the rolling hills of the Wisconsin driftless region.

In the coming weeks and months (and years?), I'll be sharing more about my experience of life and my thoughts about life in the context of a few different themes, each of which represents a part of who I am or an idea that matters deeply to me. Like anything in life these themes and the thoughts connected to them will ebb and flow, change and evolve over time.

Thank you for joining me! Or, if I'm all alone in this blogosphere, thank me for joining me!

Until we meet again -

- Elly

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